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Negotiation skills


This course has been designed by experienced Business Improvement experts and covers all the major aspects of negotiation skills. As well as gaining confidence in using different negotiation styles, the Negotiation Skills course will teach you the best ways to reach satisfactory agreements plus methods on dealing with difficult or unjust tactics. You will learn what it takes to become a good negotiator and how this skill can help you in both a professional and personal setting. On completion of this five-hour interactive eLearning course, you will have improved your ability to negotiate to a very high level. You will have the confidence to achieve constructive discussions and maintain positive relationships while also saving time and money and adding value to your employer.
Duration: 2-5 hours

Learning Objectives

Understand how and when to engage in negotiation

Modify your approach to different negotiation styles

Benefit from productive discussions

Be confident in varying levels of negotiation

Maintain positive relationships both in and out of the workplace