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You can book classroom training via our online shop, or contact us.

We have closely reviewed government guidance and take all the necessary precautions to protect our trainers and all learners from the spread of Covid-19, including frequent handwashing, keeping distance where possible, and ensuring all of our trainers are vaccinated against the virus.

Classroom training allows for practical training to be assessed easily – for example, we can watch someone do CPR on a doll and ensure they’re doing it correctly.

Distance Learning

You can order manuals via our online shop, or contact us.

Distance Learning begins with you ordering manuals, which you can then work through at your own pace. When the manuals have been completed, they should be sent back to us here at First Response Training, where we will mark the work and grant certification to those who have passed.

Distance Learning is perfect for those with busy schedules as it is completely adaptable to your own needs and availability. The coursework can be completed in your own time, with no time constraints or deadlines, from any location.

Early Years

We offer Early Years and Schools Courses in Food Safety, First Aid, Health Safety, Fire Safety, Mental Health and Pupil First Aid, as well as various special focus courses.

Our Early Years and Schools courses are written by an in-house curriculum team with experience in early years and schools. They ensure the content of our courses is relevant, up to date and accessible.


You can order eLearning online or contact us. You can then complete the training in-browser.

You can order eLearning via our online shop. You can then complete the eLearning course from any device with internet access. If you pass the assessment, you will automatically gain certification.

eLearning is extremely accessible in that it can be completed from anywhere. The assessments are built into the course, so you don’t have to worry about external assessments. eLearning courses are also extremely interactive, and include videos, text with voiceover, and many other features that make the courses engaging and ensure knowledge retention.

First Response Training

We are an accredited training provider by Advantage Accreditation, meaning our courses and trainers have been through the accreditation process and externally approved by Advantage. Our courses are mapped to national standards and frameworks.

First Response Training provides a dedicated account manager for each client, and we welcome our clients to come to us with any questions or comments about our courses. We regularly assess our trainers and courses based on client feedback, and make any suggested changes to ensure the service we provide is always improving.

Health and Social Care

We offer a wide variety of Health and Social Care related courses, including Mandatory Training, Special Focus Training, Clinical Skills, First Aid, Health and Safety and Fire Safety, as well as fully funded Covid-19 Essential Training.

Our courses are written by an in-house curriculum team with relevant experience in the Health and Social Care field, who ensure the content of our courses is relevant, up to date and accessible.

Public Courses

We take our bookings for public courses through Eventbrite. We also offer a series of webinars which can be found on our shop.

Public training courses are courses available to learners from any company or organization – any qualified individual can book a seat on the course.

We offer a number of Level 2 and Level 3 training courses as Public Courses, including several courses in First Aid, Fire Safety, Mental Health, Covid-19 and various other courses.

Public Courses are often the simplest and most effective way for small companies to complete all of their legally required training. Public Courses are also ideal for any individuals hoping to expand their workplace skills.


You can book webinar training via our online shop, or contact us.

Webinar training allows for remote, accessible training courses to be completed anywhere, without having to worry about coinciding travel availability among employees. We make sure our webinar courses retain the interactive aspect of classroom training through interactive polls, discussion groups and various other methods.

We deliver our webinar training via GoTo Training, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


We offer Workplace courses on First Aid, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Food Safety, Mental Health and Hospitality, as well as various Special Focus courses.

Our Workplace courses are written by an in-house curriculum team with experience within their respective fields, who ensure the content of our courses is relevant, up to date and accessible.