First Response Training is committed to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion in every facet of our operations. Our devotion to these principles aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide comprehensive training solutions to diverse industries and sectors, ensuring that everyone has equal access to education and opportunities.

Inclusive Course Offerings

We have developed a portfolio of training programmes that cover a wide range of topics relevant to various sectors and industries. From health and social care to early years, workplace training, mental health, and more, our diverse array of courses is designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We acknowledge the unique challenges organisations face in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion within their ranks, and we tailor our training offerings accordingly.

Inclusive Training Methods

We understand that individuals have diverse learning preferences and needs. To accommodate this diversity, we offer a range of training delivery methods that promote inclusivity and accessibility:

Classroom Sessions: For those who prefer traditional classroom learning, we offer on-site training sessions that facilitate face-to-face interaction and engagement.

Online Webinars: Our online webinars provide remote access to learning, making it convenient for individuals with varying scheduling constraints. This approach not only saves time but also reduces the environmental impact associated with travel.

eLearning and Distance Learning: Our eLearning and distance learning options empower learners to study at their own pace and in an environment that suits their needs. 

Customised Learning: We recognise that learners have distinct learning styles (visual, aural, verbal, physical), and we customise our training methods to cater to each one. Our courses incorporate interactive elements like group work, practical exercises, discussions, debates, quizzes, case studies, and real-life scenarios to address diverse learning styles. Ongoing assessments help us identify individual needs and adjust our delivery techniques to ensure all learners receive the necessary support.

Accessibility Initiatives

We prioritise accessibility by adhering to guidelines and making our training materials and platforms disability-friendly. We actively engage with clients and support organisations to make reasonable accommodations for learners with disabilities or unique needs, ensuring our courses cater to those with hearing impairments, visual impairments, dyslexia, and other support requirements.

Equality and Inclusion Training

Within our training programmes, we include dedicated modules that focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion. These modules raise awareness about equality, diversity, and inclusion issues and help individuals and organisations understand the importance of fostering an inclusive work environment. We believe that education is a powerful tool for promoting change and inclusivity, and our courses are designed to inspire positive actions in both personal and professional lives.

Course Delivery and Inclusivity

Our trainers undergo rigorous training to establish inclusive, respectful, and engaging learning environments. They actively avoid language that may exclude or marginalise any group, ensuring that our courses are open and inviting to all. We continuously assess and adjust our training programmes to champion diversity and eliminate stereotypes from course materials, presentations, and visuals. We prioritise the use of language that fosters equality, diversity and inclusion, recognising its crucial role in combating discrimination and nurturing respect. Our "Inclusive Language and Positive Communication" guide offers practical advice to our staff on embracing inclusive and respectful language, and we regularly review and update this guide to remain current with evolving language.

Equality and Diversity in Employment

First Response Training is dedicated to fostering a culture that upholds principles of equality, diversity, and human rights within its organisation and throughout its supply chain. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in our recruitment practices, where we also provide support to veterans and care leavers. We enforce ethical sourcing practices through policies addressing ethical trading, corporate and social responsibility, sustainability, and equality and diversity. Our commitment extends to consistently assessing and expanding our supplier network to promote responsible sourcing, contributing significantly to a just and equitable business environment.

Policies and Compliance

We have established clear and comprehensive policies that reflect our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. These policies include:

Equality and Diversity Policy: Ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and maintaining the highest standards of equality and diversity.

Equal Opportunities Policy: Extending equal opportunities to all, regardless of background or circumstances.

Various other policies, including Assessments and Appeals, Malpractice and Maladministration, Pregnant Learners, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, Ethical Trading and Anti-Bribery, Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing, Incidents and Complaints, and Quality Assurance, all designed to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Employee Training

We equip our trainers with the knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity principles through mandatory Equality and Diversity eLearning courses. Additional training opportunities, including classroom-based sessions and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD), ensure that our trainers remain well-versed in this subject. 

Community and Charity Work

Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion extends beyond our training programmes and into the community. We actively engage in charitable contributions, both locally and nationally. We organise fundraising activities such as sponsored walks and Tough Mudder events to support local youth centres, supported living services, and organisations like the Mind charity. We also hold regular events like Dress Down Friday to raise funds for national charities such as Age UK and Mind. Whenever possible, we choose venues owned by charities, further supporting their missions.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion is not static; it is an ongoing process of improvement and adaptation. We regularly review and update our equality, diversity, and inclusion policies and practices to ensure that they remain effective and aligned with evolving social and legal standards. We welcome feedback from our clients and learners to help us identify areas for improvement and innovation.

By offering inclusive training, fostering a diverse workforce, and actively participating in equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, we contribute to creating safer working environments for all. Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion is not just a statement; it is a core principle that guides our actions every day. We believe that through education, innovation, and collective action, we can make a meaningful difference in promoting a more inclusive society. 

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