First Response Training is deeply committed to promoting fair work practices in all facets of our operations. 

Dedication to Fair Pay and Living Wage

Since 2013, we have proudly held the prestigious accreditation of a Living Wage Employer. Our commitment goes beyond meeting this standard; we strive to provide fair compensation that not only meets but often surpasses the Living Wage threshold. We do this by offering performance-driven incentives and bonus programmes that enable our employees to achieve financial stability and well-being. Our dedication to fair work practices is evident through real Living Wage payments, performance-related pay, and transparent bonus schemes. We have introduced a structured trainer-tier system with transparent compensation packages. This approach underscores our commitment to fostering employee well-being and facilitating professional development. We believe that fair compensation is not just about meeting basic needs but also about providing individuals with the means to thrive and achieve their goals.

Supporting Employee Development

We understand that investing in our employees' development is not only a matter of fairness but also a strategic imperative. We offer a range of opportunities for skill enhancement and career advancement. Our employees have access to American Management Association (AMA) training courses, which cover a diverse array of vital subjects. We have also established an internal Management Development Programme to provide comprehensive training on essential topics. We offer ongoing professional development opportunities, with a particular focus on upskilling for trainers. This commitment to training and development extends to funding external training courses for our employees, showcasing our strong dedication to helping individuals reach their full potential.

Advocating Equality and Diversity

We provide resources and guides on inclusive language and positive communication to equip our employees with the tools to foster an inclusive environment. Our commitment to equality and inclusion is further reinforced through the implementation of multiple policies aimed at eradicating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. In our recruitment practices, we actively support veterans and care leavers, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe in creating a workforce that ensures everyone has equal access to employment opportunities and can thrive in our organisation. First Response Training adheres to ethical sourcing practices by enforcing policies related to ethical trading, corporate and social responsibility, sustainability, equality and diversity. We consistently review and expand our supplier base to promote responsible sourcing and contribute to a fair and equitable business environment.

Ensuring Job Stability

We offer a range of flexible employment contracts, including full-time, part-time, and zero-hours contracts, tailored to our trainers' needs. We actively minimise the use of zero-hours contracts by introducing contracts with set minimum work days for eligible trainers. This approach ensures that our employees have stable employment and can plan their lives with confidence. Our commitment to job stability extends to creating employment opportunities for veterans, individuals in rural areas, working parents, and the long-term unemployed. We firmly reject the use of fire and rehire practices and are dedicated to treating all employees with fairness and respect.

Supporting Flexible Work and Work-Life Balance

We understand that individuals have varying circumstances and priorities, such as childcare responsibilities and lifestyle preferences. To accommodate these needs, we offer a range of contract options, shift patterns, and opportunities for evening and weekend work. Our recent introduction of a flexible working policy for office-based staff further underscores our commitment to promoting a positive work-life balance for all team members. We believe that providing flexible work arrangements not only enhances employee well-being but also contributes to a more inclusive workplace.

Amplifying Employee Voice and Wellbeing

First Response Training prioritises open and transparent communication with its employees. We actively seek and value employee input through various channels, including surveys, staff conferences, and one-on-one review meetings. This approach ensures that we address concerns, discuss performance, and align on business objectives collaboratively. We demonstrate our commitment to employee well-being by offering supportive initiatives like counselling services and mindfulness sessions. By fostering a culture that values the voices and concerns of its workforce, First Response Training ensures that every employee feels heard and supported.

Community Benefits

We actively engage in charitable contributions, both locally and nationally, to support causes that align with our values. We engage in charitable activities, such as sponsored walks and fundraising events, to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. We also offer free Family First Aid training sessions to empower individuals with essential life-saving skills. We actively support local schools by providing work placements and delivering sessions on careers and personal development, aiming to inspire and educate the next generation.

Our commitments are a reflection of our core values, which drive us to continually improve and innovate. We are dedicated to building a work environment where everyone has equal opportunities and is valued for their unique contributions.

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