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Client Portal

Giving you remote 24/7 access to key training information and data including full reporting rights.

Client Portal

The FRT client portal helps you to easily and effectively manage your training programme and access key information at any time. You can even check individual training course attendance registers on the day of the event.

The portal also enables you to quickly access other key training course paperwork and reports you may require, as well as reviewing key information about your account – all at the click of a button!

The FRT client portal gives you instant access to your organisation’s information, including:

  • Planned training events
  • Past training events
  • Course attendance registers
  • Certificate refresher dates
  • State of account
  • Copy invoices
  • Learner information

You can also use your secure client portal to quickly and easily complete a number of actions, such as:

  • Submit a new booking request
  • Request a call
  • Send your account manager a message
  • View and change your company contact details
  • Generate a number of different reports
  • Visit our website
  • View and download our training brochures
  • View and download our terms and conditions

You will still receive dedicated personal account management from a named account manager – the portal just ensures you can instantly access key information at any time, and from anywhere with internet access!

To find out more about our fantastic new client portal, please just contact us today – we can provide you with a demo and step-by-step guidance to enable you to get the most out of your portal, for real added value.

Access the Client Portal