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Classroom Training

We send a trainer to your chosen location to present course materials face-to-face.

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Distance Learning

We post workbooks designed for the learner to complete in their own time and send back to us for marking.

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First Response Training offers a huge range of eLearning courses. Learners can complete these courses anywhere with an internet connection.

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Online Webinars

Led by one of our trainers remotely, learners can engage with course materials via videocall.

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Public Courses

We host several events throughout the year available to members of the public.

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Webinar training is an online training method which is live and led by an experienced trainer to offer remote access to learning.

The trainer will link up to all delegates, who can join the course using any device with internet access, and this enables them to view the course presentation as the trainer progresses through it. The trainer is equipped with a headset and microphone and can communicate directly with delegates, who can also pose questions, interact with each other, and ask for specific sections of the course to be repeated if required.

Interaction is a firm requirement and the trainer can monitor the activity and input of each delegate and quickly identify and prompt any delegate who is not engaging with the course. This prevents any delegate from logging into the course and then not actively participating in the training session.

Delivered live and led by an experienced trainer who is equipped with a microphone

Interaction is a firm requirement, with learners prompted to use the chat panel

Learners can join the course using any device with internet access and do not need a microphone

The trainer is able to monitor the activity and input of each learner to ensure engagement

Courses can be tailored to create bespoke content specific to your company

Our full portfolio of over 200 courses available to be delivered via remote webinar