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Effective Meetings


For over 20 years we have delivered effective meeting and facilitation skills training to some of the world’s biggest companies. This one-day course will provide you with the skills to run successful meetings with highly proficient facilitation techniques. You will be able to transform ineffective meetings, which waste time and money, into engaging and results-driven sessions. This course will teach you what makes effective facilitation and how to plan a successful session. It will also help you to understand group dynamics and handle confrontation. By the end of the course, you will possess the tools needed to be an effective facilitator and have the confidence to deal with complex issues.

The course takes 2-5 hours to complete and is worth 5 CPD points.

This training is suitable for anyone who runs meetings and workshops, or is responsible for problem solving, those looking to inspire their team, engage project members and change processes and individuals looking to improve their confidence and creativity while also developing their presentation skills.

Learning Objectives

Have practical experience in using important facilitation techniques

Understand the dynamics of meetings and workshops

Develop your own style of successful facilitation

Know how to structure and run successful meetings, generating positive relationships and encouraging commitment from others