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Workplace Courses

We offer a huge range of courses relevant to the workplace. Our training is designed to be useful and impactful for staff in any industry.

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Delivery Methods

Several delivery methods are available through First Response Training, including in-person presentations and discussions, videocalls, in-browser eLearning software.

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Equality and Diversity Level 2


Aim: To introduce the concepts of equality and diversity to the workplace, so that both equality and diversity can be promoted and discrimination and bullying reduced.

Certification: Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate valid for 3 years.

Duration: 3 hours

Learning Objectives

Understand equality, diversity & discrimination perception and stereotyping

Have some understanding of the law and how it protects people from discrimination

Understand prejudice and how it can impact on individuals

Understand where discrimination can be found

Understand how to promote diversity and reduce discrimination in the workplace

Describes what constitutes professional and unprofessional practice