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Mental Health Courses

Our mental health courses are available in a range of delivery methods, including classroom training, webinars and eLearning.

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Special Focus Courses

For a more in-depth understanding of specific conditions and symptoms.

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Mental Health At Work Courses

Apply new knowledge and skills to make the workplace more welcoming and inclusive to all.

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Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2


Aim: To raise awareness of the importance of promoting mental health in the workplace, and empower people to offer support

Certification: Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate valid for 3 years.

Duration: 3 hours

Learning Objectives

Define mental health

Identify and explain mental health facts and fiction

Understand key legislation relating to mental health

Identify common signs and symptoms

Understand some common mental health disorders

Recognise common attitudes towards mental ill-health and the impacts these can have

Know how to support people and offer advice