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Health and Social Care Courses

We have built an expertise in Health and Social Care over more than two decades, training thousands of learners in the sector every year.

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The Care Certificate

Vital training for new Health and Social Care staff.

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Mandatory Training

View our full suite of mandatory training courses for Health and Social Care staff.

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Special Focus

For Health and Social Care staff required to carry out more specialist tasks in their day to day roles.

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Mental Health

Mental health training courses designed by our highly qualified and experienced curriculum team.

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Clinical Skills

Training available for Health and Social Care staff in epilepsy, diabetes, inhalers, PEG feeding and more.

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Health and Safety in Care

We can provide specialist health and safety training for care workers.

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Mandatory care training for less

Our Care Certificate distance learning package is designed to meet your training needs with utmost convenience. Our comprehensive program is crafted to provide a seamless and engaging learning experience, ensuring that learners acquire the essential skills and knowledge required in the healthcare sector. Learners can work through the books at their own pace and convenience.

Navigating through the modules is intuitive, and the content is presented in a way that ensures easy comprehension. The package covers a wide range of topics essential for healthcare professionals, promoting a holistic understanding of care practices.

We are thrilled to offer an opportunity for you to order our Care Certificate distance learning package with an incredible discount of up to 74%. We believe in making quality education accessible, and this limited-time offer allows you to invest in your team at an incredible value.

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By choosing our comprehensive program, you're not only ensuring the professional development of your care staff but also enjoying substantial savings of a minimum of 42%.

Our Care Certificate distance learning package is meticulously crafted to provide essential knowledge and skills for effective caregiving. This initiative is designed to streamline the induction process for your care staff, making it convenient and accessible while maintaining high standards of education.

Reach out to us today to discuss your specific care staff induction requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring that you get the most out of our comprehensive distance learning package.