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We have built an expertise in Health and Social Care over more than two decades, training thousands of learners in the sector every year.

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The Care Certificate

Vital training for new Health and Social Care staff.

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Mandatory Training

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Special Focus

For Health and Social Care staff required to carry out more specialist tasks in their day to day roles.

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Mental Health

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Clinical Skills

Training available for Health and Social Care staff in epilepsy, diabetes, inhalers, PEG feeding and more.

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Anaphylaxis and Emergency Medication Awareness Level 2


This 2-hour webinar informs healthcare support workers and adult social care workers on anaphylaxis and explains the administration of the medication for its control. Successful learners will receive a certificate valid for 3 years. This course is mapped to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) QS119.

Learning Objectives

To explain anaphylaxis and identify the body systems that it affects

To explain the causes of anaphylaxis

To describe how to recognise anaphylaxis, and identify the symptoms

To explain the first aid treatment for anaphylaxis

To explain the use of adrenaline and describe the method for its administration