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It's really nice to work with someone in training who is so switched on and focussed to our needs. It's a real pleasure. I know that when I have one of those 'Oh no' moments and diary dates clash, our account manager will be there and will sort things out for us.

Learning & Development Office Manager - Domiciliary Care Agency - Birmingham   
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First Response Training Endorsed by Skills for Care

National workplace training provider, First Response Training (FRT), has been endorsed by Skills for Care. The independent charity, Skills for Care, is a delivery partner for the Department for Health and Social Care and supports employers to develop the best practice in the adult social care industry. Endorsement by Skills for Care means that FRT […]

Isolation is potentially harmful to students mental health

Extended periods in isolation can harm the mental health of pupils, warns the Centre for Mental Health (CMH). The mental health charity says that restrictive interventions such as using isolation rooms potentially exacerbates the challenging behaviour seen in some children. CMH says that thousands of young people experience restrictive measures as a way to treat […]

Study finds small businesses are “clueless” about GDPR

A poll of small business owners found that over half are “clueless” about GDPR, leaving personal data of their customers and employees at risk. The poll questioned 1’000 owners, of which half were confused by the rules and regualtions of data protection and privacy. Business’s in breach of these regulations could potentially be fined for […]

Children are more likely to develop a mental health illness than a serious disease

New research claims that one in seven children will develop a mental health illness, a figure higher than those with cancer, diabetes or AIDS combined. Published in JAMA Psychiatry, the findings monitored 1.3 million Danish children from birth to age 18. The study found that 14.6% of girls and 15.5% of boys were diagnosed with […]

Maintaining friendships are key to lowering dementia risk

Researchers find that regularly seeing friends and engaging with others helps to lower the risk of dementia. The new research suggests that being socially active in your fifties and sixties slows the risk of memory loss diseases. The research by University College London is the “most robust to date” – it found that someone who […]

Prison sentence for director who put employees at risk

Former managing director James Harrison has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for exposing employees to hazardous substances. Workers at Laser Shapes Ltd, a manufacturer of agricultural trailers, were put at risk of developing severe lung disease when they were exposed to substances harmful to their health. Preston Crown Court heard how Harrison deliberately hid […]

Tips on how to stay safe this Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time, but it’s also one of the most accident prone seasons of the year. Did you know nearly 8% of those aged 16-24 have had to make a trip to A&E during the festive season, and more than 80,000 people a year need hospital treatment for injuries such as falls, cuts […]

Lack of training leads to decline of mental healthcare for those most vulnerable, says CQC

Annual report by CQC has found that too many services provide insufficient training for staff who support those with complex needs. The report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that skills gaps and capacity shortages have driven to a deterioration in mental healthcare; those most effected are hospitals who care for adults with learning […]

Child-targeted social media advert banned

An advert for app PopJam has been banned for endangering the mental health of young children. The UK advertising watchdog ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) ruled that the adverts phrasing suggesting that users must “get likes and followers to level up” could have “detrimental effect on youngster’s mental health and self esteem”. PopJam is an app […]

Wakefield care home fined £100,000

A West Yorkshire care home has been fined more than £100,000 after a women suffered a broken neck from fall. The 81-year-old was taken to hospital five days after the incident in July of 2015 where x-rays found that she had suffered a broken neck while under the care of the Bupa home. Leeds Magistates’ […]


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We would like to take the opportunity on behalf of our fostering agency to thank you and especially your trainer for delivering an excellent, highly professional and concise training course to our foster carers. We did enjoy the day and we would like to have this trainer as our tutor in any future training courses.

Agency Manager - Foster Care Agency – Worcester   
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