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The trainer for the course did an excellent job in bringing his experience and knowledge alive to make this Fire Marshal course very enjoyable and interesting

Heath & Safety Director - Construction - Bristol   

Live Online

What is Live Online training?

Live Online training is an online training method which is live and led by an experienced trainer to offer remote access to learning. Live online sessions typically last approximately 1.5 hours and are available in various high quality, interactive health and safety subjects.

The trainer will link up to all delegates, who can join the course using any computer with broadband internet access, and this enables them to view the course presentation as the trainer progresses through it. The trainer is equipped with a headset and microphone and can communicate directly with delegates, who can also pose questions, interact with each other, and ask for specific sections of the course to be repeated, if required.

Interaction is a firm requirement and the trainer is able to monitor the activity and input of each delegate and quickly identify and prompt any delegate who is not engaging with the course. This prevents any delegate from logging into the course and then not actively participating in the training session.

Live online offers a more affordable way for businesses to release staff for mandatory training and vital professional development as there are no travel costs and they involve minimal time spent away from the workplace.

We currently run the following courses as Live Online sessions:

  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Marshal
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Equality and Diversity

Why choose a Live Online training solution?

Many organisations can find it difficult to encourage employees to participate in training due to the time spent away from the workplace that it involves. People also often encounter difficulties in trying to get staff members from a range of working sites across the country to a specific venue for training.

A Live Online training solution addresses these problems. It uses specialist software to deliver a time-efficient and cost-effective training solution that overcomes barriers to learning. Departmental managers and employees no longer need to worry about issues such as transport, travel, time away from work and other responsibilities, such as childcare. Live Online is typically shorter in duration than direct provision courses, and they can be undertaken anywhere with internet access. They also provide a more economical method for training staff.

Live Online is also an effective method to use for refresher training or the delivery of the theory of a subject before practical elements are undertaken in the classroom. Many companies that we have provided Live Online sessions for have seen a massive cultural shift within their organisation, with a significantly increased uptake in training programmes and methods such as Live Online and E-learning becoming the preferred method for learning.

We are currently expanding our Live Online training portfolio, so please contact us to discuss if you require any other training topic via Live Online delivery.

Unsure of what a webinar involves or how it could help your business? Call us on 0800 310 2300 to arrange a trial of one of our Live Online training programmes.


First-rate first aid training appropriate training for our particular needs. All the staff agreed with this statement.

Head Teacher - RC School