It's really nice to work with someone in training who is so switched on and focussed to our needs. It's a real pleasure. I know that when I have one of those 'Oh no' moments and diary dates clash, our account manager will be there and will sort things out for us.

Learning & Development Office Manager - Domiciliary Care Agency - Birmingham   


E-Learning is a training solution which uses online distance learning programmes. It is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective medium for the delivery of mandatory training modules to your staff.

Our E-Learning solution offers a wide range of high quality, interactive courses which provide flexible and cost-effective training for all industry sectors. Our range of courses are all ideal for staff inductions and competency updates.

Why choose First Response Training’s E-Learning solution?

  • All programmes are CPD Certified by the national CPD Certification Scheme
  • It can be purchased as individual units or as an annual licence, depending on your requirements
  • We can host your courses for you or they can be hosted on your own Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Upon completion of a course, delegates can immediately print their certificate
  • Courses can be ‘bookmarked’, allowing delegates to complete the programme in stages if required
  • Managers can track their delegates’ progress and view who has completed which training programmes
  • It can be dual-branded for your organisation, featuring your company logo
  • It features fire safety courses approved by a number of UK fire authorities
  • Courses can be specially developed according to your needs

Our  Portfolio

The courses below are currently available as E-Learning modules. All courses are CPD certified and cost from £14.95 per unit.

It is estimated that these e-learning programmes, with the exception of the Health and Safety Essentials course, will take up to an hour for delegates to complete.

Bespoke Development

We realise that each business is different with its own individual requirements and approaches.

Therefore we would be happy to discuss options for tailoring and enhancing our existing suite of courses to provide you with a bespoke E-Learning solution for your organisation.

In addition to adapting our existing course titles to meet your bespoke requirements, we can also develop brand new titles specifically for your organisation, providing a full service from brief to design and final delivery.

Bespoke courses can be developed with varying levels of interactivity, including options such as:

  • Text only
  • Audio-visual
  • Vector imaging
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Or any combination of the above
30 Courses.

First Aid at Work Refresher (E-Learning)

1 Hour est. Course Finder

This is a comprehensive course that can be used as an update during the 3-year validity period of a First Aid at Work qualification.

  • General Injuries
  • Burns, Bone, Joint and Muscle Problems
  • Medical Conditions
  • How to Attend Casualties
  • PLUS - assessment paper based on various scenarios

From £14.95 per unit. Course Finder
Course Finder

DSE for Clinical Workers

1 Hour est. Course Finder

To help clinical workers comply with current DSE Regulations, helping to reduce staff injuries and improve productivity.

  • Understand how to organise your work space to minimise the risk of injury and fatigue
  • Understand how to work safely with specialist hospital equipment such as ultra sound machines and mobile PCs
  • List the 'Do's and don'ts' of safe working practices
  • Understand how to undertake a DSE risk assessment in the hospital environment

£14.95 per unit Course Finder
Course Finder

Equality and Diversity (E-Learning)

1 Hour est. Course Finder

The introduction of equality legislation has helped challenge much discrimination and prejudice, but there are still big gaps in equality. Our online course will help you and your staff understand the various types of discrimination.

  • Recognise equality issues within the workplace
  • Identify discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Challenge own perceptions of equality and diversity
  • Apply discrimination law
  • Deal with equality issues individually
  • Deal with equality issues within the place of work

From £14.95 per unit. Course Finder
Course Finder

Electrical Safety at Work (E-learning)

1 Hour est. Course Finder

This course will help all employees who use electrically powered equipment and tools at work to understand how to work safely around electricity and avoid electric shocks and fires.

  • Explains the terms "electrical current, electromotive force and electrical power."
  • Understand the dangers of electricity
  • Describe the risks people take when using electricity at work
  • Describe the safe use of electrical equipment
  • Explain the methods used to control electricity and reduce the risk to users
  • Understand the effects of an electric shock to the body, and describe some basic first aid principles.

£14.95 per unit Course Finder
Course Finder

Data Protection (E-Learning)

1 Hour est. Course Finder

Provides trainees with guidance on what kind of data needs to be protected and introduces the principles of data protection.

  • Techniques to ensure good data protection.
  • Covers some of the errors that could occur while managing data.
  • Includes interactive missions.
  • Includes final test paper.

From £14.95 per unit. Course Finder
Course Finder


First-rate first aid training appropriate training for our particular needs. All the staff agreed with this statement.

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