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Health and Social Care Courses

We have built an expertise in Health and Social Care over more than two decades, training thousands of learners in the sector every year.

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The Care Certificate

Vital training for new Health and Social Care staff.

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Mandatory Training

View our full suite of mandatory training courses for Health and Social Care staff.

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Special Focus

For Health and Social Care staff required to carry out more specialist tasks in their day to day roles.

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Mental Health

Mental health training courses designed by our highly qualified and experienced curriculum team.

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Clinical Skills

Training available for Health and Social Care staff in epilepsy, diabetes, inhalers, PEG feeding and more.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


This 1-hour course introduces equality, diversity and human rights, so that both equality and diversity can be promoted and discrimination reduced, thus enabling all to be valued as individuals. This course is mapped to NICE Quality Standard 50 and National Occupational Standard SCDLMCSB2 and SCDCPC502.

Learning Objectives

Define key terms associated with equality and diversity

Explain how the law protects people from discrimination

Define prejudice and explain how it can impact on individuals

Identify where discrimination can be found

Know how to promote diversity and reduce discrimination in the workplace