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It's really nice to work with someone in training who is so switched on and focussed to our needs. It's a real pleasure. I know that when I have one of those 'Oh no' moments and diary dates clash, our account manager will be there and will sort things out for us.

Learning & Development Office Manager - Domiciliary Care Agency - Birmingham   
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Global health and safety standard brings business benefits

It’s been one year since the global health and safety standard was launched for workplaces and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) says businesses who adopt it “reap the many benefits of effective risk management.”

Businesses that obtain the global health and safety standard reap many benefitsIn fact, 12 months on from the launch of the ISO 45001 certification, IOSH says it can help organisations win big, lucrative contracts.

Yet the world’s largest occupational health and safety body argues that this shouldn’t be the main reason for businesses to adopt the standard, saying it can help with “saving lives, supporting their businesses and sustaining their communities.”

They say that the good practices encouraged by the global health and safety standard mean people are better protected and that operations run smoothly.

The standard launched on 12th March 2018, replacing OHSAS 18001. It became the first globally agreed standard for workplace health and safety management and was developed to help reduce the number of work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses recorded across the world.

The new global health and safety standard leads to effective risk managementMany organisations have already adopted the new standard and it is believed that all organisations previously certificated to OHSAS 18001 will eventually migrate to the ISO standard, with many more also adopting it.

The Head of Policy and Public Affairs at IOSH, Richard Jones, believes that its status as a truly international standard provides adopters with added benefits.

He explains: “ISO 45001 is an opportunity for all organisations, whatever size and sector and whether or not going for certification, to ask themselves ‘how can we do health and safety better?’

“As well as the health and safety benefits, the current uncertainties regarding international trading arrangements mean those whose systems meet international standards may be advantaged in competitive markets, as they transcend national and economic boundaries.

“But it’s all about better risk management and not necessarily about winning big contracts or ticking another corporate box. Employers need to do what’s right for their organisations and workers and appreciate that gaining certification isn’t an end in itself – it’s the start of a continual improvement journey.”

IOSH contributed to the new global health and safety standardIOSH contributed to the development of ISO 45001, acting as a Category A liaison body on the PC 283 committee which created it.

The occupational health and safety body is also now a member of the new Technical Committee (TC 283) which will oversee the future of the standard.

Richard added: “Whether or not they are seeking certification, adopting the ISO 45001 principles, including on leadership, worker participation and competence, helps organisations and their supply chains reap the many benefits of effective risk management – saving lives, supporting their businesses and sustaining their communities.”

First Response Training (FRT) is a leading national training provider. They deliver a wide range of high-quality training courses to over 70,000 learners annually, working with thousands of organisations and businesses across all sectors.

Their diverse portfolio includes training in the fields of health and safety, first aid, fire safety, food hygiene and safety, health and social care, early years and schools and other special focus topics.

The global health and safety standard can help businesses boost productivelyTheir health and safety range includes training for employees, managers and supervisors and they also offer externally approved options from bodies such as IOSH and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC).

They can provide training in topics such as the Principles of Health and Safety, Managing and Supervising Safely, Managing and Supervising Risk and Working at Height, among many other topics.

A spokesperson from FRT, says: “Good health and safety management will always lead to a multitude of benefits for organisations, including a boost in productivity, reduced downtime and sickness absences, improved reputation and high staff morale.

“It is important that organisations recognise the real importance of health and safety in the workplace and that they invest in training and ensure they create a positive safety culture from the top down, whether this involves gaining accreditation under the global standard or not.”

For more information on the training services that FRT can provide, please call them today on freephone 0800 310 2300 or send an e-mail to


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We would like to take the opportunity on behalf of our fostering agency to thank you and especially your trainer for delivering an excellent, highly professional and concise training course to our foster carers. We did enjoy the day and we would like to have this trainer as our tutor in any future training courses.

Agency Manager - Foster Care Agency – Worcester   
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