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The trainer for the course did an excellent job in bringing his experience and knowledge alive to make this Fire Marshal course very enjoyable and interesting

Heath & Safety Director - Construction - Bristol   

Fire Safety

Employers must ensure that all staff are provided with instructions and training to enable them to respond correctly and safely in an emergency fire situation, as well as understand how to minimise fire risks. For senior employees and individuals nominated as Fire Wardens for their workplace, more in-depth fire safety knowledge is required.

3 Courses.

Level 2 Award in Fire Safety Awareness

2 Hours Course Finder

To provide workers with an understanding of fire safety and what to do in an emergency fire situation.

  • Provide a clear understanding of fire safety in the context of your workplace
  • Understand the classifications of fire and intended usage of fire extinguishers
  • Understand the actions you need to take in the event of a fire

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Course Finder

Level 3 Award in the Role of the Fire Marshal

3 Hours Course Finder

To provide the knowledge and skills requried to be a Fire Marshal and correctly use a fire extinguisher.

  • List the reasons for fire safety legislation
  • Explain the principles of fire science
  • Describe how to conduct a risk assessment
  • Describe the different methods of evacuation
  • Identify fire safety equipment in the workplace
  • Describe how fire safety issues should be managed in the workplace

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Course Finder

Level 4 Award in Fire Safety for Managers

6 Hours (1 Day) Course Finder

To provide managers and supervisors with the necessary knowledge to be able to manage fire safety in the workplace.

  •  Understand the related legislation on Fire Safety
  • Know how to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Understand how to train Fire Safety in the workplace and how to enforce the company fire safety policy
  • Understand what the company’s Fire Plan should say
  • Understand how to maintain the company’s fire safety systems

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Course Finder


The level of teaching was outstanding and this really showed in the exam marks. The trainer’s enthusiasm for First Aid really shone through and this in turn motivated the group to learn, practise and ask as many questions as possible. […]. The instructor passed on expertise in such a way that did not alienate anyone even though it was a diverse group of people from all parts of the business. The examiners were wonderful, giving us extra tips and advice once we had passed; this gave everyone confidence in their new skills and will allow us as individuals to handle a first aid situation.

PA to European CIO and Head of UK IT - Birmingham - Computer Holdings