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We would like to take the opportunity on behalf of our fostering agency to thank you and especially your trainer for delivering an excellent, highly professional and concise training course to our foster carers. We did enjoy the day and we would like to have this trainer as our tutor in any future training courses.

Agency Manager - Foster Care Agency – Worcester   
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First Aid Training for School Pupils

Give your pupils a valuable life lesson; arrange for them undergo training in basic first aid skills.

We can offer first aid training for school pupilsAt First Response Training, we firmly believe that life-saving first aid skills and knowledge, and the confidence to use them in an emergency situation, are absolutely invaluable; first aid is an important subject for anyone to learn.

That’s why we have developed a number of flexible, tailored solutions to provide valuable first aid training for school pupils.

Schools can choose from a range of first aid training courses aimed at different age groups, or you can simply contact us to discuss your exact needs and agree a bespoke session to meet the learning aims you have established for your pupils.

Options include, but are not limited to, the following:

For primary school pupils:

  • Basic First Aid: A 1.5-hour training session which teaches young children how to get help in an emergency and how to apply the recovery position.
  • First Aid: A 3-hour training session which covers the above content but also teaches children how to deal with bleeding and choking.

For secondary school pupils:

  • Basic First Aid: A 1.5-hour training session which teaches young people how to manage an emergency, including the recovery position, how to carry out CPR and the safe use of defibrillators.
  • Emergency First Aid: A 3-hour training session which provides young people with all of the skills and knowledge contained in the basic course, but also teaches them how to manage a casualty who is bleeding or choking.

More specialist or advanced options:

  • First Aid for School Pupils: This 6-hour training course covers all the essentials of emergency first aid, including the recovery position, CPR, defibrillators, burns and scalds, chest pains and shock.
  • Advanced First Aid for School Pupils: This 2-day training course covers a wide range of first aid topics and skills. In addition to the content covered on the 1-day course, young people will also learn about asthma, anaphylaxis and the use of adrenaline auto-injectors, seizures, diabetes, bone, muscle and joint injuries and spinal injuries.
  • First Aid for Duke of Edinburgh Participants: This 6-hour training covers aspects of first aid which may be particularly relevant for children and young people carrying out Duke of Edinburgh activities and expeditions. It includes shock and severe bleeding, bone, muscle and joint injuries and spinal injuries.

Whatever the needs of your school and your pupils, we would like to work with you to provide them with valuable training in life-saving skills and knowledge, so please contact us today for more information.

Download our first aid training for schools information sheet – First Aid Training for School Pupils

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First-rate first aid training appropriate training for our particular needs. All the staff agreed with this statement.

Head Teacher - RC School   
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