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It's really nice to work with someone in training who is so switched on and focussed to our needs. It's a real pleasure. I know that when I have one of those 'Oh no' moments and diary dates clash, our account manager will be there and will sort things out for us.

Learning & Development Office Manager - Domiciliary Care Agency - Birmingham   
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Covid-19 Secure Pledge

We know that these are challenging and concerning times for people all across the UK. The spread and impact of Covid-19, the disease called by the novel Coronavirus, has been unprecedented.

We have reviewed Coronavirus guidance

As a national training company which has always focused on creating safer working environments with people who care, we are thoroughly committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and learners, and the people and communities they support. We are also dedicated to protecting our amazing, hard-working trainers and support staff.

As a result, we have developed specific policies and adopted the most stringent safety measures in line with the latest government guidance. We call it our Covid-19 Secure Pledge.

A return to classroom training

As a company, we have closely reviewed government guidance and other pertinent information in relation to the current coronavirus pandemic affecting the UK. We have also taken into account the restrictions in force and the requirements of our clients, in terms of their need to ensure that their essential workers are adequately trained and up-to-date in the key skills required to perform their roles safely.

Based on this review, we have taken the decision to return to face-to-face, classroom-based training, following our Covid-19 Secure Pledge at all times to ensure everyone is kept safe, and that people can update their skills with confidence.

Staying Covid-19 Secure during workplace training

  • We have carried out a thorough COVID-19 risk assessment on all aspects of training delivery and shared the results with our training team and clients
  • Our trainers are equipped with sanitising and disinfection cleaning materials and fully prepare the room and training equipment prior to and after use
  • We have strict hand-washing, hygiene and equipment cleaning procedures, for both learners and trainers, fully compliant with government guidance
  • We meticulously maintain 2m social distancing in all aspects of the training environment, including during practical scenarios
  • Course documentation such as the attendance register will be completed by the trainer only with no sharing of keyboard and tablets, to manage transmission risk

Additional safety measures

Social distancing

Learners are expected to maintain a 2 metre distance between themselves and others at all times. Maximum class size will be dictated by the training room size and the need to ensure a 2 metre distance. Course documentation such as registers will be completed by the trainer only and no pens or other objects are to be shared. Learners who decline to comply with social distancing will be politely asked to leave.


Prior to the commencement of training, the trainer will wear disposable gloves and prepare the room and equipment for use. All training equipment and wipe-able surfaces will be wiped down with sanitising wipes. Learners are encouraged to wash/sanitise their hands frequently.


Where possible, windows and doors will be opened to provide additional ventilation and, where the venue allows, parts of the training will take place outdoors.

Practical training that is Covid-19 Secure

Practical training with First Response Training is safe – we call it our ‘COVID-19 Secure Pledge’.

For courses that have essential practical scenarios we always maintain 2m social distancing. We will never demonstrate or permit practical techniques to be performed on another person.

For the use of essential practical equipment highly effective 70% alcohol sanitising wipes will be used by learners prior to and immediately after each use, meaning equipment is sanitised twice between each use.

Hand sanitiser is also provided within the classroom for regular use throughout the course.

Further guidance

You can download further guidance and information regarding our Covid-19 Secure Pledge and how we’re making training safe for everyone.


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The level of teaching was outstanding and this really showed in the exam marks. The trainer’s enthusiasm for First Aid really shone through and this in turn motivated the group to learn, practise and ask as many questions as possible. […]. The instructor passed on expertise in such a way that did not alienate anyone even though it was a diverse group of people from all parts of the business. The examiners were wonderful, giving us extra tips and advice once we had passed; this gave everyone confidence in their new skills and will allow us as individuals to handle a first aid situation.

PA to European CIO and Head of UK IT - Birmingham - Computer Holdings   
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