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The trainer for the course did an excellent job in bringing his experience and knowledge alive to make this Fire Marshal course very enjoyable and interesting

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Level 2 Core Award in Duty of Care

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To ensure that healthcare support workers and adult social care workers understand their duty of care and how to fulfil it, with consideration for legislation, workplace policies and possible conflicts.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand ‘duty of care’ in a health and social care context
  • Recognise the groups for whom health and social care professionals have a duty of care
  • Outline the key obligations to those for whom you have a duty of care
  • Understand how legislation and workplace policies, protocols and guidelines help ensure that you fulfil your duty of care
  • Describe possible conflicts between duty of care to a client and the demands of an employer
  • Identify sources of help in resolving dilemmas relating to duty of care


Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate valid for 3 years.


External accreditation is available for this course, if required, through Advantage Accreditation. Additional costs will apply, please contact us.

Mapped to

SHC 24. Links to NMTS Standard 5.


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It's really nice to work with someone in training who is so switched on and focussed to our needs. It's a real pleasure. I know that when I have one of those 'Oh no' moments and diary dates clash, our account manager will be there and will sort things out for us.

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