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The trainer for the course did an excellent job in bringing his experience and knowledge alive to make this Fire Marshal course very enjoyable and interesting

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Level 1 Core Award in Duty of Care

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To help healthcare support workers and adult social care workers understand their duty of care and how they can ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and compassionate care and support.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain duty of care and how it contributes to safe practice
  • Be able to explain the difficulties and some solutions of how to resolve dilemmas
  • Be able to describe how to handle comments and complaints
  • Be able to explain incidents, errors and near misses and what should be done
  • Be able to explain what to do when dealing with confrontation and difficult situations


Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate valid for 3 years.


External accreditation is available for this course, if required, through Advantage Accreditation. Additional costs will apply, please contact us.

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First-rate first aid training appropriate training for our particular needs. All the staff agreed with this statement.

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