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First-rate first aid training appropriate training for our particular needs. All the staff agreed with this statement.

Head Teacher - RC School   
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Level 2 Award in Food Safety Principles (Distance Learning)

Cost £14.95 per manual

6 hours estimated study time Course Finder


This distance learning manual will provide essential information about food hygiene and safety and how this applies to a health and social care setting. This manual contributes to the underpinning knowledge for the Care Certificate, Standard 8

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:  
  • Know the key legislation and regulations underpinning UK food safety and hygiene
  • Understand your legal responsibilities and the key legal roles around food safety
  • Know the most common types of food poisoning and their causes
  • Know how to prevent foodborne illnesses
  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene
  • Know the essentials of food hygiene


Certification provided with distance learning manual

Mapped to

Care Certificate standards


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We would like to take the opportunity on behalf of our fostering agency to thank you and especially your trainer for delivering an excellent, highly professional and concise training course to our foster carers. We did enjoy the day and we would like to have this trainer as our tutor in any future training courses.

Agency Manager - Foster Care Agency – Worcester   
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